2023-12-07 Updated the entries for K. Kramer and Kyrieleis
2023-10-29 Updated the entries for J. Koch, Frey and Kratz
2023-10-14 Updated the entries for Frenzel, H. von Diringshofen and Dunker
2023-10-11 Updated the entries for Hedd├Ąus, Herbst and Graff
2023-10-05 Updated the entries for Gauer, Finke and Heck
2023-10-04 Updated the entries for Achelis, Gollwitzer-Meier and Geppert
2023-09-28 Updated the entries for Johannes, Autrum and Amann
2023-09-23 Updated the entries for Bolze, Baur and Jensen
2023-09-21 Updated the entries for Frank, Br├╝ner and Benzinger
2023-09-14 Updated the entries for Monj├ę, Noetzel and K├╝chle
2023-09-13 Updated the entries for Knothe, Mertens, Michaelis and E.A. M├╝ller
2023-06-02 Updated the entries for K├╝hn, Luft and Romberg
2023-05-12 Updated the entries for Karl Matthes and B├╝ttner
2023-04-21 Updated the entries for Loeckle and Stanislaus
2023-04-21 Two new technical features have been introduced, albeit incomplete as far as the data is concerned: 1) there is now a new category of Awards (academic and otherwise) for actors, 2) names by which actors are called are underlined. The call names are not always the first name, but can be chosen from one's middle names as well. This is work in progress; sometimes it is difficult to determine this due to lack of information, or because on occasion actors have decided to use a different middle name as pen name, when their call name is another one. For the awards, this is also work in progress, as this is a new category and most awards for individuals have yet to be entered into the database. 
2021-02-05 Updated the entries for Winterstein
2020-09-09 Updated the entries for Mercker, Ranke and Pe├▒a
2020-09-07 Updated the entries for Mallison, K. Matthes and Meister
2020-06-26 Updated the entries for Everling and Gillert
2020-06-12 Updated the entries for Everling and Rothschuh
2019-08-12 Updated the entries for Riotte, R├Âssle and Roeder
2019-07-12 Updated the entries for Klaue, Ruff, Schaare, Schaltenbrand and A. R├╝hl
2019-04-11 Updated the entries for Schneider, Schnell, Schriever, Schwiegk and Schumann
2019-03-20 Updated the entries for Schlaudrauff and Schlomka. Also made the roles a bit more consistent across all actors. 
2019-03-15 Updated the entries for Stanislaus, Siegmund and St├Ârring
2019-02-24 Updated the entries for Strughold, Kaminski, Kirchoff, Jouck. Also added a new visualization to Bibliometrics
2019-01-28 Updated the entry for Holzl├Âhner
2019-01-28 Updated the entries for Wichmann, Wezler and Wieseh├Âfer
2018-05-04 An update has been made to the Geo-Visualization. More places are now shown on the map, representing institutes/hospitals where researchers worked at one point in their career. By clicking on of the places/dots, a list of institutes will be produced, showing all researchers who have worked there once upon clicking on the institutes' name. 
2018-04-13 Updated the entries for Winter, Wendt, Weise and Wiedermann
2018-03-25 Updated the entries for Herbst, Holzlöhner, Hülnhagen, E. Hippke and Hermann
2018-03-17 Updated the entries for Aschoff, Schmidt and Graff
2018-03-09 Updated the entries for Beauvais, Bürker, Büsing, Erbslöh and Küchle
2017-07-14 Updated the entries for Anthony, Benzinger, Jahn and H├╝tten
2017-07-05 Updated the entries for Beauvais, Bolze, Büchner, Büttner, Eicholtz and Liebegott
2017-01-08 Updated the entries for Heyden, Beauvais, Rascher, H. Schaefer and H. Hippke
2016-06-02 Updated the entry for Anthony, Heinke, Redhardt, H. Schaefer and Weissig (sources & affiliations). Furthermore, I have changed “PhD-student” to “ candidate”. The German doctoral degree in medicine ( is not internationally recognized as the equivalent of a PhD, as the requirements are much lower for the than for the PhD. 
2016-02-03 Updated the entry for Dörholt and Pfannenstiel (data & affiliations). 
2016-01-24 Introduced network visualizations. For now, there's only a network of exoneration letters at the Nuremberg Doctor Trials. More to follow soon. 
2015-08-09 Updated the entry for Erbslöh, Rascher, Lauschner, Lindenberg, Redhardt and Lutz (data & affiliations). Furthermore, some technical issues have been fixed, and minor updates to page features have been added. 
2015-04-11 Updated the map. Some of the boundaries were not entirely correct (esp. the Polish-Lithuanian border, which was disputed in the interwar years). 
2015-03-17 Updated the entry for Rein, H. Rühl and Steidle (affiliations). 
2015-02-22 Upgraded the website to a new design and framework (see tech talk). The website should now be responsive, i.e. it should automatically adapt to different screen sizes, such as smartphone, desktop PC or tablet. I need to do more testing, though. 
2015-02-10 Updated the entry for Atmer and M.H. Fischer (affiliations). 
2014-10-03 Updated the entry for Strughold, H. v. Diringshofen and Finke (affiliations). 
2014-09-25 Updated the entry for G. Peters, Schardin, Schoedel, Störring, Singer and Spatz (affiliations). 
2014-09-23 Updated the entry for M. Matthes, Thauer and Tiemann (affiliations). Furthermore, I have deleted the data on Gross; “Gross” is a fairly common surname in German, so it seems I got the wrong one. 
2014-09-13 Updated the entry for F. Roeder and U. Schütze (data), W. Schnell and Wendt (affiliations). 
2014-07-24 Updated the entry for W. Schnell, Kalk, Kehrer and Velhagen (data). 
2014-07-16 Updated the entry for Lotze, Wagner, Weltz, Werz and Wezler (data). 
2014-07-14 I have re-done the visualizations. The charts are now done in Javascript, which means they have some interactive features. Also updated the layout/structure of the chart pages. 
2014-06-28 Updated the entry for E. Koch, Klaue, Kornm├╝ller and Monj├ę (data). 
2014-06-23 Some updates in the roles of actors to make them consistent. Also, I have set all unidentified citizenships to “German”. Judging from their names and careers, it is most likely that they were Germans, although I could find no explicit information. Should I find evidence to the contrary, I will update the records accordingly. 
2014-06-23 Updated the entry for F. Roeder, Romberg, Reichel, Rein, Opitz, Noell, K. Matthes, Kyrieleis, Lehmann, Lemke, Kramer and Kreienberg (all career). 
2014-06-17 Updated the entry for Schwiegk, Siegmund, Schreiber, K. Schäfer, Ruthenstroth-Bauer and H. Schaefer (career). 
2014-06-11 Updated the entry for Amann, Aschoff, Autrum, Balke, Benzinger and Brauch (career). 
2014-06-05 Updated the entry for Freitag, Kipp, Pfannenstiel (career) and Pfleiderer (data & career). 
2014-05-26 Added three ZWB-Reports I had missed. 
2014-05-26 Updated the entry for Büttner, Dennig, Gillert, Herbst, Heubner, Jarisch, Ranke, Rascher, Rothschuh and Rotter(career). 
2014-05-23 Updated the entry for Frey, K. Matthes, Dunker (career) and Gauer (data & career). 
2014-05-15 Updated the entry for Clamann (career), Bürger (data & career) and Büsing (career). 
2014-05-12 I have added a geographical visualization. This is very beta at the moment, in terms of data being displayed. Right now, only the European borders of 1937 and some major cities are displayed. I am currently working on statistical data about the medical infrastructure in 1930s Germany, which will then displayed on the map. 
2014-05-10 Updated the entry for Schröder (career & sources) and Schütz (career). Also corrected some minor errors (such as spelling errors). 
2014-05-06 Updated the entry for Pichotka and Pickhan (data, career & sources). Also corrected some minor errors (such as spelling errors). 
2014-04-21 Updated the entry for Luft, Luxenburger, Loeckle and Romberg (career & sources). 
2014-04-14 Updated the entry for Lottig, Schwarz, Schaefer, Weltz, Becker-Freyseng, Romberg, Ruff and Zirngibl (data & sources). 
2013-11-07 Updated the entry for Beigel (data & source). Also added a new section on the search page to filter for female researchers. 
2013-09-25 Updated the entry for Pena (career & source). 
2013-09-22 Updated the entries for Adamaszek, Bührlen, Bunge, Burmeister, Chang, Denzer, Haarstrick, Hamacher, Hann, D. Hartmann, Geppert, Kaminski, Keiler, Landschek, Mallison, Noell, Stehfen, Schwepper, Tittel, Treutler, Wiesehöfer and Wißmann (all data, career & sources). 
2013-09-14 Updated the entry for Coermann (career & source). 
2013-09-11 Updated the entries for Gauer, Dennig and Eichholtz (data, career & source). 
2013-09-09 Updated the entries for König, Kalk, H. v. Diringshofen, Gillert and D. Jahn (data, career & source). 
2013-09-07 Updated the entries for E. Koch, Kornmüller and Kehrer (all career & source). 
2013-08-29 Updated the entries for Muralt, Lehmann, Graf, Gauer, Knebel, Schnell and Müller (all career). 
2013-08-26 Updated the entries for Frank, Zirngibl, Heyden and Kratz (all data). 
2013-08-25 Updated the entries for B. v. Diringshofen, Brauer, Gaul and Schwabl (all data). 
2013-08-06 Some internal changes to the database and PHP code to prepare for future updates. 
2013-07-21 I have split up the the charts into bibliometrics and general charts. I have added two Venn diagrams and a table to show overlaps between authors in the different journals. 
2013-06-27 Updated the entry for Ruhenstroth-Bauer (data & source). 
2013-06-26 Updated the entries for Holmquist, Malikiosis (both data & sources), Rühl, Ruhenstroth-Bauer, Palme, Knebel, Jahn, MH Fischer and Anthony and Böhme (all data, careers & sources). 
2013-06-03 Updated the entries for W Schnell, Schumann and Velhagen (all data & sources). 
2013-05-31 Updated the entries for Rascher (sources), Hanson (data & sources), A Koch (data & sources) and J Koch (data & sources). 
2013-05-22 Updated the entry for Holmquist (data & sources). 
2013-05-20 Some minor updates. 
2013-05-14 Updated the entry for Seeler (data & sources). 
2013-05-09 Updated the entries for Hepp and Hartmann (data & sources). 
2013-05-08 Updated the entries for Knorre and Winterstein (data, affiliations & sources). 
2013-05-08 Added a field “Remark” to the bottom of the “Personal Info” section on the actors' pages. Some biographies aren't so straight-forward, so they need a little explanation. Only a few actors have anything set in this field yet, but I will add more comments step by step. 
2013-05-06 Updated the design of the actor pages: now with jQuery's Accordion UI widget (JavaScript must be activated, otherwise the page won't look much different). Also updated the entries for Haarstrick and Gordon (data, affiliations & sources). 
2013-04-28 Updated the entry for Wagner (affiliations & corrected a typo in the dob), and did some minor corrections. 
2013-04-28 Updated the entries for Scholtz, Gordon, Gyurik and Korenyi (all affiliations & source). 
2013-04-04 Updated the entries for Kaminski, Derlich, Wünsche and Zirngibl (all affiliations). 
2013-03-24 Fixed some faults in institutional data; plus, updated the entry for Knebel (affiliations). 
2013-03-13 Updated the entry for Schwabl (data). 
2013-02-20 Updated the entries for Kostic (affiliations) and Coermann (data & affiliations). 
2013-01-27 Have updated the way publications are displayed: now there are links to the entries of the co-authors. Plus: Updated the entry for Kostic (data & source). 
2013-01-12 Updated the way affiliations are displayed: now grouped by career, political, and societies. Furthermore, some of the entries in the affiliation section are linked into the glossary or external websites. Plus: updated the entries for Denzer (data & source) and Thauer (affiliations & source). 
2013-01-08 Updated the entry for Wildschut (data & source). 
2013-01-04 Updated the entries for Kostic (source), Ruff (source), Blum (data & source) and Lampe (data & source). 
2012-12-20 Updated the entry for Kostic (affiliations & source). 
2012-12-13 Updated the entry for Mateev (affiliations & source). 
2012-12-09 Some internal changes to the PHP code to make it easier to maintain. 
2012-12-07 Added an entry for the NSBO to the glossary. Updated entries for Kyrieleis and Schwiegk (both affiliations/sources). 
2012-12-04 Corrected a few typos on the charts and sources pages. Also added an entry for the DVL on the glossary page. 
2012-11-24 Updated the search page to give numbers for every nation. 
2012-11-23 Updated the entries for Hippke (affiliations & source) and Knipping (affiliations & source), and made a minor update/clarification to the caption of one of the charts
2012-11-23 Updated the entry for Scholtz (affiliations & source). 
2012-11-22 Updated the entries for Grosse-Brockhoff (affiliations & source), Goralewski (affiliations & source), and Züst (source). 
2012-11-12 Updated the entries for Pancenko (affiliations), Gyurik (birthplace & source), and Santavy (affiliations & source). 
2012-10-20 Introduced a search page. Since all researchers are grouped alphabetically already it wouldn't make much sense to offer a full-text search. So what I did is to introduce categories. For now, only filtering by country is available, but more categories will be added. 
2012-09-30 Updated the entry for Rein (affiliations); also updated the formatting of the affiliation table for the entries. 
2012-09-27 Updated the entries for Gordon and Margaria, as well as the sources section. 
2012-09-24 Updated the sources section. 
2012-09-22 Updated the sources section and added another chart (male vs female actors). 
2012-09-21 Updated Dybowski, Koch and Rein (affiliations). 
2012-09-18 Updated Achelis and Goldmann (affiliations). 
2012-09-17 Updated names and details of a couple of actors (too many to list here, chiefly from Eastern Europe) and the sources that I used to do so. 
2012-09-05 Added some text to the charts to provide context. 
2012-09-04 Minor updates to Klanke (more details on affiliations) and a general update on the way religion is presented in the pages for actors (tooltips and links into the glossary where appropriate). 
2012-09-03 Minor updates to the charts (legend not shown, scaling off) and some minor updates to roles (translations) and dates of affiliations of actors. 
2012-09-02 Minor updates to Jongbloed and Ruff (affiliations). 
2012-08-31 After an initial test phase, the Gaeromed database website is now officially launched. There might still be a few glitches in the site and a lot of information either not yet reseached or not yet entered into the database, but things are progressing. I will try to fill in the gaps in the data, and create some more visualizations.