Table of Contents, German Aviation Medicine, vol 2

Ernsthausen, Wilhelm: Sound and Vibration in Aircraft651—685
Ernsthausen, Wilhelm and Wittern, Wolf von: Measurement of Sound and Vibration with Reference to Physical and Physiological Problems in Aviation686—715
Loeckle, Werner E.: The Physiological Effects of Mechnical Vibration716—722
Kipp, Friedrich A.: Effects of Noise in Aircraft723—736
Büttner, Konrad and Kuhn, Heinrich: Climates of the German Theaters of Operations737—756
Büttner, Konrad: Heat and Cold in Aircraft757—765
Büttner, Konrad: Physical Heat Balance in Man766—791
Wezler, Karl: Physiological Fundamentals of Hyperthermia and Pathological Physiology of Heat Injury792—827
Grosse-Brockhoff, Franz: Pathologic Physiology and Therapy of Hypothermia828—842
Schwiegk, Herbert: Pathogenesis and Treatment of Local Cold Injury843—857
Siegmund, Herbert: Pathological Anatomy and Histology of Local Cold Injury858—875
Büttner, Konrad: Protective Clothing for Heat and Cold876—888
Rose, Heinrich W.: Visual Acuity and Refraction889—895
Rose, Heinrich W.: Flying Goggles896—904
Rose, Heinrich W.: The Visual Field905—909
Schmidt, Ingeborg: Color Vision910—918
Rose, Heinrich W.: Depth Perception919—930
Rose, Heinrich W.: Night Vision931—965
Autrum, Hans Jochen: Electrophysiology of the Eye966—971
Strughold, Hubertus: Intermittent Light972—976
Frenzel, Hermann: Otorhinolaryngology977—993
Strughold, Hubertus: The Mechanoreceptors of Skin and Muscles under Flying Conditions994—1002
Bingel, Abraham G. A.: Physical Fitness Examinations in the German Air Force1003—1026
Gerathewohl, Siegfried: Psychological Examinations for Selection and Training of Fliers1027—1052
Kreipe, K.: Evaluation and Procedure in the Characterological Selection of Fliers1053—1058
Hattingberg, Immo von: Medical Care for Flying Personnel1059—1079
Becker-Freyseng, Hermann: Aeromedical Instruction of Flying Personnel1069—1079
Graf, Otto: Increase of Efficiency by Means of Pharmaceutics (stimulants)1080—1103
Lehmann, Gunther: Importance of the Oxygen Tension to Efficiency1104—1112
Hanson, Horst: Nutritional Problems in Aviation1113—1124
Heubner, Wolfgang: Toxicological Investigations of Modern Fuels1125—1132
Schröder, Oskar: Air Evacuation of Wounded1133—1138
Matthes, Max: German Air-Sea Rescue Service During World War II1139—1157
Schäfer, Konrad: Thirst and its Control1158—1166
Büttner, Konrad: Conflagration Heat1167—1187
Desaga, Hans: Experimental Investigations of the Actions of Dust1188—1206
Schardin, Hubertus: The Physical Principles of the Effects of a Detonation1207—1224
Benzinger, Theodor: Physiological Effects of Blast in Air and Water1225—1259
Rössle, Robert: Pathology of Blast Effects1260—1273
Desaga, Hans: Blast Injuries1274—1294