Table of Contents, German Aviation Medicine, vol 1

Strughold, Hubertus: Development of Aviation Medicine in Germany3β€”11
Strughold, Hubertus: Development, Organization and Experiences of Aviation Medicine in Germany during World War II12β€”54
Beauvais, Heinz: Performance and Characteristics of German Airplanes in Relation to Aviation Medicine55β€”68
Mauch, Hans: General Characteristics of the V-169β€”70
Kensche, Heinz: Gliding and Gliders71β€”80
Kensche, Heinz: Pick-up by Aircraft81β€”82
Henschke, Ulrich K. and Mauch, Hans A.: How Man Controls83β€”94
Regener, Erich: The Stratosphere95β€”101
Denzer, Hans W.: The Micro-Decompression Chamber102β€”106
Rein, Hermann: Physical Methods of Gas Analysis107β€”130
Opitz, Erich: General Physiology of Oxygen Deficiency131β€”159
Kramer, Kurt: Arterialization of the Blood in Oxygen Deficiency160β€”182
Palme, Franz: Results of Recent Investigations of Respiration During Acute and Chronic Hypoxia183β€”212
Schaefer, Hans: The Heart and Heart Reflexes in Hypoxia213β€”230
SchΓΌtz, Erich: The Electrocardiogram and Oxygen Deficiency231β€”255
Schaefer, Hans: Physiology of the Cell in Anoxia with Special Reference to Electrophysiology256β€”277
Noell, Werner: Cerebral Circulation and Oxygen Consumption278β€”285
Noell, Werner: Special Physiology of the Brain during Anoxia286β€”300
Noell, Werner: The Human EEG during Anoxia301β€”303
Luft, Ulrich C.: Altitude Tolerance304β€”320
Denzer, Hans W.: Comparative Altitude Physiology of Animals321β€”353
Hornberger, Wilhelm: Decompression Sickness354β€”394
Benzinger, Theodor: Explosive Decompression395β€”408
Luft, Ulrich C.: Acute Hypoxia and Natural Acclimatization409β€”413
BΓΌchner, Franz: Pathology of General Oxygen Deficiency414β€”428
Benzinger, Theodor: High Altitude Flight Breathing Oxygen: Medical Principles429β€”444
Seeler, Henry: German Altitude Oxygen Equipment (Ground Service And Aircraft Equipment) From 1934 To 1945445β€”481
Hornberger, Wilhelm: Pressure Breathing and its Physiological Effect482β€”486
Noell, Werner: The Posthypoxic Paradox Effect487β€”492
Becker-Freyseng, Hermann: Physiological and Patho-physiological Effects of Increased Oxygen Tension493β€”514
Pichotka, Joseph: Morphology and Morphogenesis of Pulmonary Changes due to Oxygen Poisoning515β€”525
Seeler, Henry: Pressure Suits and Pressure Cabins in German Aviation526β€”544
Freise, Heinrich: Devices of Measuring Acceleration545β€”553
Gauer, Otto: The Physiological Effects of Prolonged Acceleration554β€”583
Ruff, Siegfried: Brief Acceleration: Less than One Second584β€”598
Scheubel, Franz N.: Parachute Opening Shock599β€”611
Schneider, Justus: Protective Measures for the Prevention of Injuries β€” especially Spinal Fractures β€” in Aircraft on Skids612β€”615
Spatz, Hugo: Brain Injuries in Aviation616β€”640
Gauer, Otto and Haber, Heinz: Man Under Gravity-free Conditions641β€”644
Schneider, Justus: Protective Equipment for the Flier645β€”650