German Aviation Medicine

At the end of the war Hubertus Strughold gathered a number of aeromedical researchers at his old employer's site, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute for Medical Research in Heidelberg. Just as von Braun did with his Peenemünde staff, Strughold wanted to offer the services of the whole group to the Americans. The US Air Force formed an Aeromedical Center in November 1945, giving the Strughold team room to continue experiments and helping the Americans to collect and translate German aeromedical publications. In February 1946 the General Surgeon of the USAF, Malcolm C. Grow, decided to compile a publication on German research in the field: “German Aviation Medicine in World War Two”. Strughold and a good number of his staff later moved to the USA under “Operation Paperclip”.

Although the volumes were officially published as US Government publication, it was effectively edited by Strughold.

Source: Hoff 1951, Bower 1987