Acta Aerophysiologica

The journal Acta Aerophysiologica was published between 1933 and 1934, and edited by Ludolph Brauer. It was published by Ex Officina Broschek & Co., Hamburg 36.

The following text was printed in the editorial of the magazine. It was given in German, English and French:

The journal “Acta Aerophysiologica” is dedicated to the physiology in aviation medicine and to the alpinism.

The journal “Acta Aerophysiologica” appears from time to time without a fixed date in numbers, as the manuscripts have been sent. Each number will be calculated separately and 30—40 sheets are to be united in one volume.

The fee for the author amounts to RM. 40,— per one proof-sheet of 16 pages. Every author may have gratis 100 reprints of his labour, if he desires, as far as the article does not exceeded 24 pages, and 60 reprints, if the article is more extensive. The publication asks, however, to order only as many copies as urgently necessary. Reprints ordered besides the free copies must be paid. In this case the cooperating gentlemen are requested to inquire beforehand at the publication office for the costs of the same.

All articles are first to be handed to the authoritarive representative who will kindly take charge of all the engagements of this country and who will submit those articles, that find his approval, to the central office: Professor Brauer, Vorstand des “Instituts für Luftfahrtmedizin und Klimaforschung”, Direktor des Allgemeinen Krankenhauses Hamburg-Eppendorf, Martinistrasse 56.


The next page gave a list of the “authorative representatives” mentioned in the above editorial text (before you ask: the country names were given in Latin in that list, town names are usually given in German spelling):



In America (U.S.A.):Prof. E. C. Schneider, Middletown/Con.
In Austria:Prof. Durig, Wien
In Belgia:Dr. Sillevarts, Brüssel
In Britannia:Dr. Struan Marshael [sic, should be: Marshall], London NW 4
In Bulgaria:Prof. Orachowats, Sofia
In Dania:Prof. August Krogh, Kopenhagen
In Fennia:Dr. Leirix, Helsingfors
In Francogallia:Charles Richet Fils, Paris
In Germania:Prof. Brauer, Hamburg
In Hispania:Dr. Luis Figueras Ballester, Barcelona
In Hollandia:Prof. Noyons, Utrecht
In Hongaria:Dr. v. Scholtz, Budapest
In Iaponia:Dr. Yoshinobi Terashi, Tachikawach
In Italia:Prof. Herlitzka, Turin
In Jugoslavia:Dr. Givkovitsch, Novi Sad 4
In Polonia:Dr. Huszcza, Warschau
In Romania:Dr. Anastasiu, Bukarest 3
In Suetia-Norvegia:Prof. Liljestrand, Stockholm
In Suissia:Prof. Verza, Basel
In Tschechoslovakia:Prof. Tschermak-Seysenegg, Prag
In Turkia:Prof. Dr. Tevfik-Salim, Pascha, Istambul [sic!]