Welcome to the German Aeromedicine Database project (or Gaeromed Db, to make it short), a bio-bibliographical database on aeromedical researchers (both German and international) who have published in German aeromedical journals in the Nazi period (1933—1945). In a couple of cases, persons were added to the database who have no publications in aviation medicine to their names, but the secondary literature lists them as being active in the field regardless.

Please note that the site frequently quotes from historic documents of the Nazi period. Therefore, one might encounter terms that are problematic these days (to say the least). This does not mean that the site's editor endorses these terms, but it is rather a tribute to historic correctness. There is a glossary that puts these terms into context.

Furthermore, historic places are given by their contemporary names and affiliations, i.e. places that once were part of the German state (under a German name), but are now part of other states — such as the former German territories of Silesia that are now part of Poland, for example — are specified with historic name and affiliation. As with the historic terms, using the historic names and geographic/political affiliations is not meant as a political statement, but to reflect the historic circumstances.