Mateev, Dragomir

Date of Birth:1902-05-24Place of birth:Kavarna, Bulgaria
Date of Death:1971-12-28Place of death:Sofia, Bulgaria
Gender:M Nationality (in the 1930/40s):Bulgarian
Institute of Physiology, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, BulgariaDirector???1971
Center of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Ministry of Public Health, Sofia, BulgariaDirector???1971
National Sports Academy, Sofia, BulgariaRector??????
Medical Research Center for Physical Education, Ministry of Education, Sofia, Bulgaria???19331933
Bulgarian Olympic Committee, Sofia, BulgariaSecretary General???1971
Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia, BulgariaMember???1971
  • Mateeff, Dragomir: Gravitationsstörungen des Kreislaufs bei vermindertem Luftdruck. Acta Aerophysiologica 1(1): 72—77 (1933).